About Samaritan House Geelong

Samaritan House Geelong

“If we see someone who needs help, do we stop? There is so much suffering and poverty and a great need for good Samaritans.”
– Pope Francis.

Samaritan House is a not-for–profit organisation that grew out of discussions with people from Welfare Agencies in Geelong who were concerned at the perceived need for a homeless crisis shelter and the current long waiting list.  The original two people gathered together other concerned people and Samaritan House Geelong was finally set up in December 2011 with the sole aim of improving the plight of homeless people in the Geelong region, who are forced to sleep “rough” each night.

The problem

Many men find themselves homeless through Health Problem preventing them from working and paying private rental. Some through workplace injuries or car accidents have become addicted to pain relief adding to their problems. Some men have to leave home through domestic disputes, other men have had a lifetime of mental illness . Many men have suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse. The problems are often generational as men have lived in state care for much of their lives. A product of these causes may have led to substance abuse.
The men who come to Samaritan House are offered a home- like environment so they can experience family life. The meals around the table allow men to relax and discuss the problems they face.

Samaritan House Board

Current members of the Board are –
Keith Fagg, Chairman
Andrew Balaam, Deputy Chairman
Gerard Parry, Treasurer
Andrew Barr
George Belcher
Camillo D’Alessandro
Fr Kevin Dillon
Alexandra Gunning
Frank Kelloway
Wally Pelaccia
Pat Murnane
Chris Barker


Samaritan House works in collaboration with other Community Services such as:
Geelong Christ Church Meals Program
Outpost – homeless drop in Centre Geelong
Barwon West Homeless Network

Samaritan house accepts referrals from all agencies that face the challenge of finding accommodation for the homeless e.g. Barwon Health, St. Laurence services, Salvo Connect, Concern, work employment agencies, to name a few.

The property

In 2011, the Board purchased a house on the outskirts of Geelong. This consisted of a four bedroom family house on land, which allowed for further development. On 11 December 2015 a new building opened on the adjacent land and provided nine new beds. The original house will be renovated to accommodate future needs. The new building was purpose built by Bisinella Constructions. Our support comes from churches of all denominations in Geelong and many generous people and businesses who have contributed in many ways and we are particularly grateful to our patron Lino Bisinella for his generosity.
Our volunteers who donate their time enable Samaritan House to run at minimal cost.