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Samaritan House now has two programs operating.

Crisis accommodation is providing in the new building of single rooms for nine men who have come to Samaritan House for accommodation and support. Often with stable accommodation for a few weeks guests are able to get a job which enables them to move into a flat. Sadly for people on New Start, low cost housing is almost impossible to find.

The original building has now been refurbished by our Patron, Lino Bisinella and family. It houses four men in single rooms. The men are able to seek employment and learn how to manage cooking, cleaning and budgeting which will help them sustain future tenancy.

The new vegetable garden was donated by the Fagg family and put together by TAC project workers as a team exercise (TAC staff worked so hard they also managed to paint the original house inside and out!). The garden has proved to be a focal point for the men. It is watered daily and has been a source of joy as tomatoes, eggplants, capsicum, potatoes and herbs have flourished. Chris Evans from Encompass kindly assisted us with the planning and design.

There are plenty of opportunities for organisations that would like to participate in corporate volunteering. If your team want to take on a worthwhile social commitment, we would be delighted to have you.

Overnight volunteers are always hard to find. Samaritan House is managed overnight by two male volunteers who have their own rooms and usually get a full night’s sleep. Currently, St Joseph’s College cover two nights a month and Geelong College one night a month. Perhaps your organisation could undertake one night per month?

If you would like more information about volunteering, please phone Samaritan House on 5248 5227.

* Perhaps we could include a shot of the vegetable garden?