Hear what our clients, volunteers and supporters have to say about Samaritan House Geelong…

“I was in the deepest black hole for months and could see no way out. I have been here three weeks now and feel I have come into the light.” – Guest, April 2017

“I was homeless for six years before I found my way to Samaritan House. I only wanted a chance and thanks to the help I was given I now have a place of my own – and a job.” – Mick, aged 34.

“I can’t usually get to sleep for hours. Last night I slept as soon as I lay down. Thank you.” – Phil, aged 28.

“Coming home (SHG) each day helps me straighten out my life. I could not eat out of stress now I look forward to a good meal from the volunteers and a sleep.” – Matthew, aged 42.